Our history

We have been through more than a century of changes, fashions, systems, technologies, market and thought.


When we talk about Montagna Costruzioni, we do it with due regard to an illustrious history of entrepreneurship that has produced and offered work to entire generations. A company that has experienced more than a century of changes, fashions, systems, technologies, the market and thought. Founded in 1913 by Michele Montagna, dean and pioneer in the construction of roads, bridges and public works, at the threshold of years of post-war recovery and economic boom


the company, went to the management of Ing. Giuseppe, son of the founder who, joined by Adalberto Ottaviani as managing director and manager of the yards in Liguria and Libya, opened relationships and relationships consolidating their value and importance.


Eng. Marco (grandson of the founder) as President of the C.d.A, Ing. Andrea, managing director of Adalberto Ottaviani, assisted by Luca Tecchi, managing director, continues in the footsteps of his predecessors the tradition of builders. In continuous evolution in the General Contractor sector, the company has proved to be strong and compact even in times of economic crisis.


The sons Pietro and Francesca (levers of the Politecnico di Milano), respectively engaged as foreign area manager and administrative manager of the Milan office, will be the guides of the company tradition in the future.